How to process rice


The steps involved in rice processing are as follows:

1. Cleaning
After harvesting rice, it is transferred to the processing plant where foreign objects and like stones and tree stumps are removed using Destoner

2. Hulling
Next husk is separated from clean paddy. After the husk is removed, the product is called brown rice and is ready for the milling process. Paddy graders and paddy cleaners are used to separate brown rice

3. Milling
This stage removes the bran layer of rice turning brown rice into white rice

4. Polishing
The surface of rice is smoothened and it is given a shine by passing it through a series of rollers

5. Grading
It is a process in which broken rice is separated out and separating head rice into different lengths

6. Sorting
Discolored, yellow and immature rice is removed in this stage adding value to rice

7. Packing
The finished product is then packed and is stored to be delivered to valued customers.

Rice processing


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