Women group task NRCRI on demonstration farms in communities  –



Some women, under the auspices of the Women's Association for Welfare Olokoro, invited the National Root Crop Research Institute (NRCRI), Umudike, Abia, to create demonstration farms within their reach.

The President, General Association, Dr. Angela Ifeanocho, made a statement during the day of the Finnish Farmer's Day in 2018 in Olokoro with the theme: "Cassava and the addition of vitamin A", organized by the National Council of South Africa on Pest and Umuahia in collaboration with HarvestPlus,

At the end of the one-day event, cassava was distributed among the participants, who showed various forms of consumables made from cassava and potatoes.
Professor Chiedozie Egesi of NRCRI stressed the importance of eating quality food, adding that with the use of proper quality products with the necessary vitamins, the body takes only what it requires and grows great.

Executive Director of NRCRI, Professor Ukpabi Joseph Ukpabi, represented by Dr. Anthony Hanaud, said that the event was part of the institute's efforts to promote the sowing of root crops and tubers, especially cassava, which is the main stable food for which the institute formulated 46 new varieties that are distributed among farmers.

The chairman of the council, Prince Obioma Ogbulafor, who was represented by Mrs. Ngozi Ohe, said that the council was happy to cooperate on a field day because of the benefits and expected positive impact on the people of the area.

Dr. Moses Egwusi of the Agricultural Research Department of NRCRI, who delivered an interactive lecture on weed management in Kassava, explained the stages of cassava production. The steps he explained should begin with the selection of the site, the cleaning of the land, the preliminary planting of the herbicide, the search for good planting materials, the collection and sale or processing. He stressed the importance of planting appropriate cultivars in the appropriate soil.

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