Women farmers seek gender action-plan on agriculture


Some women farmers across the country have called on the government at all levels to ensure the rapid implementation of the National Action Plan on Gender Issues in Agriculture to help them increase food production.

Farmers who spoke in Abuja called on the government towork in conversation“Encourage more women in agriculture.

On October 18, this plan was launched by the federal government to support and enable women farmers to switch from subsistence farming to commercial farming.

The plan also aims to ensure food safety and nutrition, expanding access to finance, expanding the value chain approach, and managing the sector among women.

Rita Isunvann, a bee farmer and director of Home Food United Kingdom Limited, said that the government usually pursues a policy without proper implementation.

“I tried many times to take agricultural land from the government, but all this was unsuccessful, but I tried to do something myself.

“I have never seen anything that the government has done for women farmers. The government always pursues a policy without implementation.

“They continue promisingly, and nothing comes out of them.

“If the plan is implemented, it will increase our morale, and we will take food production very seriously.

“We will be pleased to know that the government has come to our aid, and we will do everything better, because without women, agriculture cannot flourish.

“I advise the government to be realistic, let them start from somewhere. I know that this is not easy, but let them begin, and when they begin, we will work harder ", she said.

Laraba Ezekiel, a peanut, millet and corn farmer from Kaduna, said that the plan to be implemented would help her expand her farm.

“I will open my farm even more if they implement the plan very quickly, because we need help in agriculture. You make a lot of money from farming.

“They should not lie, the government usually says, and they will not implement. They should try and provide funds to women farmers to increase yields.

"In most cases, we see this type of plan, but it will only be talk without action", she said.

Another farmer-farmer, a cowpea farmer, Ms. Olu Toluchi, encouraged the government to include and encourage women farmers to adopt local and global standards.

“If every farmer from a Nigerian woman is encouraged to farm in accordance with international standards, this means that her products are less perishable, because she chooses the seedlings correctly, applies good agronomic practices.

“Let the finances and support from the plan be labeled with good agricultural practices and standards,” Tolkha said.

The head of Audi Ogbe, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, said during the launch of the plan that he would turn into the fate of women in the agricultural sector.

Ogbeh said the plan will also facilitate a coordinated approach to interventions in this sector to track results and deepen the impact on the target group.

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