Women farmers beg government for loan to boost agribusiness


Women farmers working on the farm

SOME women farmers, including a widow in the Pezepa community on the council of the district government of Bwari, appealed to the FCT administration to support them in microcredit to develop their farming business, since this can only guarantee abundant food production.

Women who appealed in separate interviews with the Nigeria News Agency (NAN) stated that many of them face difficulties due to large-scale agriculture due to lack of funds.

One of the women, Ms. Hana Musa, explained that they needed capital so that they could support their husbands and adequately meet the needs of their children both in academic and in other ways.

According to her, if they have access to such funds, they can comfortably engage in large-scale agriculture, buy modern milling machines, process cassava, storage facilities and save time for processing their crops.

She also urged governments to accelerate measures by giving them soft loans to fight poverty and hunger throughout the country.

She said: “Although it is difficult for us to work on a large scale, the small harvests we harvest rot on the farm because we cannot bring them home due to bad roads.

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“From time to time we go long distances to other communities, such as Ija Gvari in Niger, to cut down our grains, which creates a lot of dangers for us and our children.

“If the government can help us with money, we will be able to invest it wisely, expanding our agricultural land, purchasing processors and tractors, and thus such efforts will lead to a bountiful harvest and generally ensure food security in the country.”

In addition, Ms. Daoudou Moussa identified some of her problems to include a bad road for transferring her crops from farms, animals such as monkeys and baboons that consume and destroy their grain, among others.

However, she noted that currently most of their grains and crops are devouring animals, adding that providing such a fund will help them in acquiring chemicals to fumigate their agricultural land and protect their grain from being destroyed by animals.

Mousa also called for urgent government intervention in building good roads for easy access to markets to sell their products.

Similarly, Ms. Lamy, on Sunday, at the age of 110, demanded that the government provide jobs to unemployed young people in order to enable them to adequately serve older people in society.

Ms. Sunday complained that a large number of young people in the community, including her grandchildren, were calm because of unemployment, adding that such a gap negatively affects the well-being of older people in society.

She said: “The government should be responsible for the well-being of vulnerable women and the elderly in society, but failed, and our children and grandchildren cannot do this because most of them do not work.

“As aged people, we cannot help ourselves, except that someone helps us, and failure by the government to provide work for young generations is a big challenge for us.

“Those in power should understand that one day they will be old and need the help of younger generations.

“The government should urgently resolve our predicament by providing community youth jobs so that they can adequately meet our needs, as well as grow gracefully, as the future of the community will be bright,” she said.

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