Vietnam’s chicken imports soar


Vietnam has imported nearly 88,000 tonnes of chicken meat, worth about USD 84 million within the first half of the year. This represents about 72% of last year’s total imports. The top three chicken export markets to Vietnam are the US, Brazil and Korea. Of this, more than 50% was from the US. The imported meat, mostly chicken thighs, wings and spent hens, are priced at USD 1/kg, or half the price of local products.

Last year, the Association of Southeast Livestock Production sent a petition to the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to request an investigation on the anti-dumping price of US chicken thighs. With such a low price, the imported chicken can affect the domestic industry. However, according to a representative of Ho Chi Minh City’s Food Safety Authority, imported chicken is cheap because of the consumption preference in exporting countries.



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