US ambassador charges youth agripreneurs on employment creation


US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Stewart Symington

Appeal to young agriprene in the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) was aimed at upholding the course of work for their African counterparts.

The challenge was made by the US ambassador to Nigeria, HE Stuart Symington, when he visited them in Ibadan to talk about the progress achieved so far in the initiatives "Youth in Agribusiness".

The US envoy instructed the youth to work in a team to achieve the common goal of building successful business empires in the future.

According to him, "If you want to succeed in business, you not only need to be good, but you have to be amazing. As future leaders, do not leave anybody. Support each other always, because it is easier to attract hundreds and thousands of people as a team on the path of improving and securing the economy than doing it alone. "

After advising the agrippenam, the ambassador accompanied by Benjamin Williams, a political affairs and economic affairs officer from the US Consulate General's office, noted that "one of the biggest problems that people face is that they do not know who to trust."

"Young people want to attract investors, customers and partners, passionately talk about your product or brand and make interaction with your customers the most important in your life, because words are embodied in actions." He said

However, Symington, who stressed the importance of setting goals, advised young agriprene to accept honesty in all their relations.

He also noted that: "Find out what the rules are, and play by the rules from the very beginning. Do not be deceived for any reason, because if you do, you will face the consequences forever. "

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"Before thinking about exporting your products to other parts of the world, think about selling them to your colleagues, classmates, friends and family. Because if you can not sell on your territory, it will be difficult for you to sell outside your territory. " He adviced

In her speech, Evelin Ohanwusi, Temporary Head of the Bureau of Youth in the Agro-Industrial Complex of ITA, Evelin Ohanyusi, who reviewed and updated the initiatives of the youth agribusiness IITA, highlighted the ENABLE-Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT) program.

Ohanvoussi noted that the purpose of the program to attract 12.5 billion dollars. USA and investing in 32 African countries can easily be achieved through the right partners and investors who believe that young people take control of the future through their participation in agriculture.

IITA Director-General, Deputy Director-General for the Partnership for the Delivery of Nteranya Singenga, Kenton Dachiell, ITAS Chief Staff, MJ Members and the delegates of the Government of Côte d'Ivoire also noted this event.

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