Unity students want FG violence action



The Unity Students' Association of Unity (USOSA) expressed concern over massacres in recent months, including some statements that call into question national unity.

This was contained in a statement signed with the Chairman of the Committee for the Protection of Interests of Ayodel Josef and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mrs. Aisha Oybode.

The Association noted that the strategy for overcoming Nigeria was tense, and this does not bode well for "our existence as a happy, unified organization."

Therefore, he demanded that the governments of federal and state bodies demonstrate decisive political will before, during and after all crisis situations.

This, he said, became mandatory to ensure that the necessary machinery of the government would find and hold executors accountable.

"It is extremely important that the government avoid creating impressions or latitudes that can be explored to create crises in the field of chaos and plants in the country.

"An urgent dialogue with all communities affected by farmers and pastoral crises is advocated". We call on the parties to come with open minds to such platforms, knowing that no sane person benefits from conflict, "the statement said.

The Association highly appreciated the efforts of law enforcement agencies to curb the unrest from murders in the country.


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