Tinubu Maintaining Sinful Silence Over Herdsmen Killings


Bola Tinubu

Afenifere spokesperson Yinka Odumakin again attacked the National Leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Asiwaja Bol Ahmed Tinubu.

Odyumakin on Wednesday condemned the assumption of the governor of the state of Lagos that the federal government should take the unoccupied land in Nigeria and turn them into pastures as a solution to the ongoing clashes between farmers and shepherds.

Responding to a statement on Wednesday through his media assistant, Tunde Rahman, Tinubu noted that Odumakin did not read his full speech before deciding to attack him.

Rahman said: "Asivadzhu Tinubu did not mention, in particular, about South-West, and what he said has a context:" The unoccupied, isolated lands can quickly turn into pastures in the affected states. "

“This affected not only some states in the southwest, but also several states across the country. Why Odumakin suddenly becomes hot under the collar may not be contrived. ”

Responding to Tinuba’s statement on Thursday, Odumakin accused the APC commander of preserving sinful silence, as the shepherds launched violent attacks on the South-West and other parts of the country.

The statement says: “I took advantage of the fact that the former governor of the state of Lagos, Senator Bola Tinubu, replaced Afinifer with his“ proposal ”that the federal government should take over the unoccupied and isolated lands in the country and turn them into a pasture reserve, the requirement of Miyi Allah always put on the table.

"But for those who have lived a life of denial, Tinubu has no right to refute in an offensive proposal, since all his games with public intelligence only said that he did not mention the southwest on the assumption that the zone was not part of Nigeria.

“Assuming that this is even true, Afenifere means that the good we want for ourselves is what we want for others. We would not support any proposal that would put any section of the country at a disadvantage.

“The fact that Tinubu supported sinful silence, as the shepherds launched violent attacks on the South-West and other parts of the country with thousands of lives lost over the past three years, do not eliminate the fact that those who wear shoes know where it is clamped.

“He can play the whole ostrich he wants, but we know that he was dumb when shepherds kidnapped the main OluFlae. He could not find his voice when shepherds killed people in the hordes of Juve, Oka Oguna, Akure, Ekiti and the Middle Belt.

“I also did not hear a word from Tinuba when the shepherds kidnapped and killed the Permanent Secretary in Osuna (from where Tinuba and I are). How can he say that Southwest is not part of the affected states in a desperate attempt to be in a good book by Meytti Allah and his patrons?

“This is also a complete breakdown for Tinubu, who positions himself as a federalist when he is suited to propose that the federal government“ seize ”land, which the governor has for the use of pastoralists who are engaged in private business, and who should turn to state leaders land if they want to make a ranch.

“Let Tinubu know that he was in a hole on this one, and it’s better for him to stop digging. I saw an insincere attempt to divert it to personal attacks in order to blur the problem in focus, which is why I made this answer personal to show that, however, it takes this fundamental problem that affects the lives of people throughout Nigeria, like Fela Anikulapo “ I open the book for me. ”

“I am not going to engage with him in all personal attacks and insinuations of mental disorder. Why should I know that these are chronic offenders who are more likely to suffer from such. Thank God I'm not one of them.

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