Tinubu Blasts Afenifere Over Herdsmen Comment


Tinubu says after the vote, describes Rift with Ambode as “Insult”,

The national leader of the Progressive Congress (BTR), Bola Ahmed Tinubu, criticized the representative of Afenifer, Inka Odumakin, for criticizing his statement on pastures.

Odumakin condemned the proposal of the governor of the state of Lagos that the federal government should take the unoccupied land in the country and turn them into pastures as a solution to the ongoing clashes between farmers and shepherds.

A spokesman for Afenifere said that the offer to Tinubu was confirmation of the alleged appeal of the Miyetti Allah Association of Cattle Breeding to the whole country to be transformed into a cattle colony.

Responding to a statement on Wednesday through his media assistant Tunde Rahman, Tinubu noted that Odumakin did not read his full speech before deciding to attack.

Rahman said: "Asivadzhu Tinubu did not mention, in particular, about South-West, and what he said has a context:" The unoccupied, isolated lands can quickly turn into pastures in the affected states. "

“This affected not only some states in the southwest, but also several states across the country. Why Odumakin suddenly becomes hot under the collar may not be contrived.

“The usual madness and the smug mentality that he portrays is in full screen. Perhaps next time he should read the whole flow and warn himself against self-righteousness and show anarchic emotions in full light.

“And if Omumakin’s deception still allows him to read, it may be better to read a complete fragment of what was said to Tinub at the summit.”

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