The summit seeks to expand organic farming


The expansion of Nigeria's interest in organic farming will have a beneficial effect on the country's food needs, the environment, farmers' incomes, markets and employment, according to the communique "Business Summit on Organic Agriculture 2018". At the summit held in Lagos, participants noted that organic agriculture can offer a huge amount of food security, economic, environmental and medical benefits to Nigerians.

The Summit underscored the need to further strengthen an integrated, integrated and coordinated approach to promoting sustainable organic agriculture and inclusive development.

He decided that it is necessary to take an organic life, which includes the consumption of organic products and products, taking care of the environment for the overall well-being and holistic participation of youth and women in organic farming to create jobs.

The Summit also stressed the importance of ensuring the quality of organic products and products through appropriate certification; The system of participation guarantee (PGS) for the domestic market and third party certification in export markets. She urged the Government to strengthen the processes of ensuring the quality of products and organic farm products in Nigeria and to encourage a school feeding program and assistance for the adoption of organic products and products. This is a recognized contribution of the initiative of organic organic agriculture (EOA) to the development of organic farming systems in Nigeria, as well as the support of the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development (SDC) of Switzerland. one Asian economy has fully complied with national standards and regulations, and five are in the process of development. The summit stressed that, due to its significant impact on the environment and the environment, Nigeria must take political initiatives to stimulate and promote.

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