The Foundation spends more than $ 190 million on economic development



The Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND), a non-profit organization, has spent more than $ 190 million to stimulate economic development and peacebuilding in the region since 2010.

The Deputy Executive Director, Mr. Tundzhi Idovu, made this famous, answering questions from journalists from the CAPABLE Training of Regional and National Media Specialists, organized by PIND in Egbokodo-Itzkiri, Warri, Delta.

The training, according to the ground, was aimed at developing strategies for addressing deep-seated socio-economic problems in the Niger delta by expanding networks of international and local partners for cooperation in developing and implementing new solutions and reducing dependence on oil in the region.

He explained that PIND is largely funded by Chevron Corporation to create partnerships and fair economic development in the region, spent $ 90 million and raised more than $ 100 million from donor agencies.

Chevron, Idowu said, spent $ 50 million from 2010 to 2014 in the first phase and $ 40 million, which will be spent in the second phase from 2015 to 2019.

According to him, more than 100 million dollars are organizations such as UNICEF, Rotary and others.

Idov explained that the donor funds were spent specifically on projects that the people of the region wanted the Fund to implement in order to achieve sustainable peace and economic development of the oil-rich region.

He said that the Fund has achieved a lot thanks to partnership in agriculture, agro-processing, market system approach and peacebuilding.

He also called on the government of all levels to live up to their responsibilities, especially in the field of security, in addition to the efforts of development agencies.

Earlier, PIND Senior Advisor on PIND Development, Mizan Odema-Sillo, explained that dynamism is a key component of the market system approach, noting that for each service, the supply and demand, and the Fund created a partnership in palm oil, cassava, aquaculture, cocoa and business ties.

Edema-Sillo said that about 14,847 cassava farmers in the Niger delta benefited from the PIND partnership with partner companies and agro dealers who created 403 jobs in the region.

He said that five manufacturers were trained on new technology of processing palm oil and equipment, and the beneficiaries produce equipment, which led to an increase in oil refining.

According to him, PIND focuses on the production of agricultural production and market identification to meet local demand.


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