Tanzania: Minister Names Team To Probe Dodoma Plant


After five years of poor meat production at the Dodoma meat factory, the Minister for Livestock and Fisheries, Luhaga Mpina, has formed a five-member team to make a thorough assessment of the implementation of a contract between the government and the Tanzania Meat Company Limited (TMC).

The minister directed that by March next year, the Kongwa Ranch in Dodoma Region should start the slaughter of animals at the Dodoma abattoir, a government facility built between 2002 and 2003, and began operating in 2004.

The directorate of Tanzania Livestock Marketing Project of the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries oversaw the construction of the Abattoir whose operations were handed over to local investors NICOL and National Ranch Corporation (NARCO) in 2008.

NICOL and NARCO subsequently formed a company that operates the Dodoma abattoir under the name of Tanzania Meat Company (TMCL) Limited. Mr Mpina issued the directive to the company’s manager, Mr Nashon Kalinga at the weekend during his working tour to inspect various livestock sectors at the Kongwa Ranch and the Dodoma abattoir factory respectively.

“I am directing this special committee to go through the contract … now defunct … in case of any mishaps I will disband the contract so that the factory can operate as required,” he said.

He added that the committee would engage experts from his ministry, the office of the Attorney General, Treasury Registrar and the National Livestock Ranch. The minister further stopped the factory’s board meeting that was slated for December 8, until the committee submits its report on the defunct contract.

Mr Mpina said the government could no longer allow the factory to underperform when many other investors were ready to take over.

At the Kongwa Ranch, the minister directed the authorities to increase the number of livestock from the current 8,647 to 20,000 by December next year.

Tanzania Daily News