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All You Need To Know About Loamy Soil

LOAM SOIL: Standard loam soil – composed of 40% sand, 40% silt, and 20% clay – is the ideal soil for gardening and growing vegetables especially.

All You Need To Know About Clay Soil

Clay soil – has at least 30% fine clay particles – are often categorised as “heavy soil” and for good reason. Gardening in it is often met with drainage issues due to clay’s physical characteristics.

All You Need To Know About Sandy Soil

Sandy Soil: What is it exactly that makes a soil sandy? Experts identify sandy soils as those that have 18% clay and over 68% sand particles 100 cm into the soil.

All You Need To Know About Peaty Soil

Peaty soil is almost the exact opposite of chalky soil: the soil has an acidic nature and it has a much higher proportion of organic matter as a result. However, this also means that the soil has fewer nutrients than other types of soil.

Everything You Need To Know About The Different Soil Types

Soils are aggregates or complex mixtures of minerals, water, air, organic matter, and countless organisms. Soils supply plants with nutrients, most of which are held in place by particles of clay and organic matter (colloids).

All You Need To Know About Silty Soil

Silty Soil: Silt, one of the 3 basic soils, is composed of rock and mineral particles and it’s commonly found along with clay, sand, gravel, and other sediments. Larger than clay but smaller than sand, silt particles are less than 0.005 cm in diameter – making them very hard for the naked eye to see.