How To Start A Poultry Feed Mill


Starting a poultry feed mill is one business that an entrepreneur can start and make cool profits from especially if the business is located in an area that has appreciable numbers of poultry farms.

It is fact that any business in the agric sector stands the chance of make very huge returns on investment especially if the entrepreneur in – charge is serious about the business and he or she is ready to go all the way to make the business work.

If you are conversant with poultry farm business, you will realize that the demand for poultry feed will not abate, but rather it will continue to be on the increase. So if you are considering a business to establish, you can look towards starting your own poultry feed mill. Poultry feed mill provides the food that birds consumes.

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One of the basic things you need to put in place to be able to effectively run poultry feed mill is to know the exact nutrient and the proportion needed for various birds, and then prepare the feed for the birds. The truth is that if you get the mixture wrong, it will affect the birds and they might have stunted growth, their egg production might drop and in some cases it might lead to their death. That is why you must acquire some level of training and education to be able to effectively run your own poultry feed mill.

Now let us consider the 7 steps to follow to be able to successfully start a poultry feed mill from the scratch and then build it to profitability within the shortest time possible;

Starting a Poultry Feed Mill – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Conduct Your Research and Feasibility Study

Your first port of call on your quest towards starting your own poultry feed mill is to conduct a research and feasibility studies. You would need to know if the location you intend starting the business is ideal and if you stand the chance of making returns on your investment from that same location. As a matter of fact, your research and feasibility studies will enable you get a clearer picture of the cost implication of starting your own poultry feed mill, and how to source for market. It is simple, humans don’t consume poultry feed but bird does – so you must plan your business based on the available market.

How To Start A Poultry Feed Mill
How To Start A Poultry Feed Mill

Starting your own poultry feed mill requires that you acquire some level of training and education on poultry nutrition et al. So ensure that you search for colleges offering any related course so that you can enroll. It will also be a plus to you if you choose to understudy someone who is already running his or her own poultry feed mill. Much more than acquiring classroom knowledge, you will get real – time experience and that will boost your chances of doing pretty great with the business.

3. Draft Your Business Plan

Another very important step that you need to follow on your quest towards launching your own poultry feed mill is to draft your business plan. The truth is that if you don’t have a good and workable business plan in place before starting any business, you are likely going to struggle to grow the business. Some school of thought believes that any entrepreneur who takes the pain to draft a business plan before starting their businesses has over 50 percent edge to succeed in the business. So ensure that you draft your own business plan before launching your business.

4. Register Your Business and Obtain the Required License

If you have made up your mind to start your own poultry feed mill, then you must go all the way to register your business with the government of your country and then obtain the relevant license required to operate a poultry mill. It is fact that the regulatory body in charge of animal and poultry feed won’t issue a license to any business that is not legal to go into the production of poultry feed. You can contact your attorney to help you sort out your business registration; it is easier and faster when they handle it for you as against you doing it yourself.

5. Secure a Good Location for Your Poultry Feed Mill

You would need a good location in an area zone for such business. So ensure that you liaise with your real estate agent or your local authority to be sure that you chose the right location to start your own poultry feed mill. You would need a spacious facility that will accommodate your machines and equipments and also a place for the storage of both raw materials and finished products.

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