Stakeholders want women farmers involve in FCT Agric budgeting


Smallholder farmers and other stakeholders urged the PCT administration to use women and youth farmers in the area, in the preparation, implementation and other budgetary processes in agriculture.

The Chairperson of the Small Federation of Women Farmers in Nigeria (SWOFON), Ms. Mary Afan, appealed on Wednesday to Abuja at the "Consultative Stakeholder Meeting on the Agricultural Budget FCT 2019", organized by SWOFON and ActionAid Nigeria (AAN).

According to her, non-participation of women farmers in budgetary processes is one of the main factors contributing to the failure of the budget and food production in the FCT.

"Part of our common goal is to ensure movement from the use of chemical fertilizers to organic fertilizers. Too much of the chemical has a negative impact on the environment.

"It is even more alarming that many women farmers in PKT and throughout the country reject organic fertilizers because they are not sufficiently enlightened," she said.

The SWOFON National Coordinator, Ms. Oma Baova Roberts, stated that the conference should make a successful implementation of the agricultural budget within the FCT and beyond.

The head of the agriculture department of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Ms. Adaji Mary, presented by Ms. Sugra Taiba Mahmoud, said that the government is committed to ensuring food security and agricultural development in the country.

Agriculture Advisor for Agriculture ActionAid Mr. Azubike Nwoki said that if the importance of agricultural development is well understood, then FCT, closest to the federal government, should enjoy special privileges in budgeting and financing of agriculture, especially for women of small farmers, which are the majority.

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