Special force nabs 3 suspects fuelling herdsmen-farmers violence


Sani Ahmed a.k.a gunrunner, arrested by the Special Force, coordinated by ONSA

A special force structure, coordinated by the Office of the National Security Adviser (NSA), arrested three suspects, including a soldier and a policeman for criminal activities, including fueling recent shepherds / farmers clashes in the Middle Belt areas.

Two of the suspects, Ahmed Sani and one corporal Ibrahim Idris, were detained in Yeos by special force, which included servicemen, after they were caught by various firearms and ammunition.

Sani, known in security circles, was a well-known armed robber, kidnapper and murderer, was arrested during the operation in conjunction with the Special Task Force (STF) on July 21, 2018; while Idris, a soldier living in the Maxwell-Hobe barracks, Rukuba, Jos, Plateau, was arrested on June 27, 2018.

Security sources told the NAN that Sani, also known as Sani Gunrunner, trades various calibres of firearms and ammunition almost daily.
"Sani is one of the brains for the feud between Fulani and another ethnic group in the Middle Belt. This is due to the constant supply of arms and ammunition, which he receives due to his close relationship with Idris, "- said our reporter a reliable source of security.

Commander of the militants Ahmad Fulani: also arrested

The source also said that the information obtained during Sanya's interrogation led to the arrest of a policeman, one sergeant Zakariya, seconded to the police counter-terrorism unit in Maiduguri, the state of Borno.

NPF personnel were arrested during a bite operation, while in the process of supplying 400 rounds of ammunition to Sani, who was already in custody.

"Confessions of Sani also helped to identify one Suleiman, who is detained in the prison of Jos. During the interrogation, Suleiman confessed that he was a gunsmith until his detention in prison.

He also confessed to facilitating the sale of arms and ammunition, while still in prison.
Sani and Suleiman are currently assisting security forces with information that could lead to the arrest of other members of the syndicate, "the source said.

In the same vein, one Ahmadu, the commander of the militant Fulani was arrested on July 16, 2018 in Barkin Ladi, Jose.

According to sources, Akhmadu's interrogation led to the arrest of three other Fulani militiamen.

The army conducts an interrogation of all suspects.

The NSA Office declined to comment on these arrests, but the NAN learned that the chairmanship had been informed.

Laolu Akande, senior assistant vice president, confirmed on Monday that such a briefing was indeed made.

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