Sokoto records bumper millet harvest


… Be careful with middlemen, farmers warn

The state of Sokoto has begun collecting millet calling for farmers to avoid middle men, who tend to buy large quantities from them only to accumulate grain and sell at a later time at exorbitant rates.

Visiting certain areas of the state shows that the millet harvest continues with signs of a bumper crop.

The renowned farmer and head of the village of Kauran Millau in the local government district Bodinho Alhaji Maidamma Aliya said: “At the beginning of the season, some Boding farmers fought for sustainable cultivation, while others were already growing crops, and their planted crops germinated impressively. When we sat down, they dried out before another rain came, and it lasted until the precipitation became steady, ”he explained.

The head of the village said that his people were pleased with the result of the 2018 season, which, he noted, came at a time when all hope was lost.

“As the season progressed, rainfall was recorded at regular intervals. It was barely three days without enough rainfall, and this made us catch up with the others, and today all the praises to Almighty God, which we understood enough; much more than last year. ”

In Marnon, in the local government area of ​​Uurno, the farmer Malam Amado noted that the majority of farmers in the area registered a bumper crop.

Amadou said: “The community of farmers in Marnon recorded a noticeable bumper crop, because there was a lot of rainfall that helped our farmers a lot.

“Now we are preparing to harvest sorghum and beans, as the merkatan that promotes their growth is nearby,” he said.

The chairman of the Association of All Farmers in Sokoto State (AFAN), Alhaji Murtala Gagado Minanat, called the millet harvest this year satisfactory.

“Farmers in Sokoto are lucky that the long-awaited drought did not come. It was not like last year when we experienced drought in some parts of the state. This year there was enough rainfall, and I'm going to triple the yield last year; as i'm still harvesting. The harvest was favorable in almost all the staff of the messages we receive from our local authorities.

Minanata added that “there was a lot of rainfall, and Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuval provided fertilizer to farmers in a timely manner, which greatly helped in recording the bumper harvest.

He has already said that millet, which used to be sold from N350 to N400, fell between N200 to N220. “You can even get a measure of the N180 in some villages,” he said.

The AFAN chairman warned farmers against the actions of intermediaries who could probably put them together to store grain.

He also advised Muslims to ensure that some of their harvests were issued in Zakkat in accordance with Islamic ordinance for their grain in order to receive divine blessings.

“Farmers can give out to the poor through the local Zakkat committees in their respective areas, so that they contribute their quota to the development of Zakkat through the state and help to verify poverty.

"We thank Allah for the harvest of the bumper, as we look forward to harvesting corn and other crops that are still growing."

Farmer Tukur Umaru from Gwamfa Dan Gara admitted that farmers in the village did not plant on time, as a result of which they reaped much less than last year, despite the abundance of precipitation recorded this season.

Tukur, who has been engaged in agriculture for more than 30 years, said that other villages in the same area of ​​local government were not affected, since their harvest was very impressive.

“Gidan Yaro, Mallamava, Gidan Yamma and Gidan Docks had a bumper harvest. This time we were just unlucky, but there was a lot of rain, ”he said.

He, however, said that they would make up for losses during the dry season with rice, pepper, onions and corn.

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