Small Hold Farmers Seeks UK Invention To Boost Agriculture


Small hold farmers yesterday appealed for UK’s government intervention in developing subsistent farmers to maximize  their potential toward boosting agricultural production in the country and enhance food security.

The Senior Project Manager,  Propcom Mai-karfi,  Ogene Ogun said during an interactive session on rural livelihood and youth empowerment held yesterday in Abuja that the Visit of the Duke of Cornwall prince Charles presented an opportunity for Small hold farmers to showcase their locally processed farm produces and  discussed the challenges facing them in the country

Ogun said that Propcom is making every efforts to increase the income of rural poultry farmers in northern Nigeria by expanding access to NDV-i2  Vaccines for controlling Newcastle disease through establishment of rural distribution and delivery channel and to partner with private sectors and the Commonwealth to develop the formal market for village chicken.

In the same vein one of the beneficiary of ANECDOTE,  Change Mann said “ I have been going to the farm since I was five years old and started my own farm when I was 20 . I cultivated Acha in addition to other crops. Acha is very hard to process. It takes me four days to dehull and winnow a 50kg bag of Acha . I continue to cultivate Acha because it is our traditional food, highly nutritious and can be made into so many recipes. It also brings in more income than other crops

I first used the machine services in January 2016. It was very exiting seen how fast it could do the work. The machine takes about 40 minutes to dehull, destone and winnow the same quantity that took me four days to complete. This services has brought me much ease.” And however called on government to sustain this tempo to reduce the suffering of the local farmers.

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