Rice Farmers Loses N27.5b Due To Heavy Flood In Sokoto


Rice farmers in the state of Sokoto on Thursday said that they lost an estimated 61,197.5 tons of rice in the amount of $ 27.5 billion. USA due to flooding this season.

Alhaji Ibrahim Salihu, chairman of the Nigeria Rice Farmers Association (RIFAN), revealed information during a visit to some affected farms.

Salihu said the flood affected 19,000 rice farmers in 23 local government districts.

“Based on estimates, the yield of crops lost to floods is 61,197.5 tons, because the farms were immersed in rainwater and crops destroyed before harvest.

“According to bags, the yield loss amounts to 3,059,875 bags, and if they are converted into money, each 100 kg package is N9,000 in the open market, which means that at least about N27, 538, 879,000 were lost,” Salihu said .

He added, however, that a total of 27,853 farmers registered under the RIFAN / CBN Anchor Borrower Program in the state were growing 17,485 hectares of rice in different areas.

Salihu said that farmers' inputs were distributed among farmers according to hectares per hectare, with hectares attracting N205, 100.

According to him, it is estimated that each hectare will produce from 3.5 to 4 tons of rice rice.

The chairman said that farmers turned to the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Company (NAIC) for protection.

He appealed to the federal government to consider the plight of affected farmers and to support them in encouraging dry seasons so that they could compensate for their losses.

NIGERIA NEWS reports that the inspection team included employees from the Central Bank of Nigeria, Unity Bank, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, NAIC and the National President of RIFAN, Alhaji Aminu Goronyo.

The areas visited by the team included Gornyo Dam, Takakume, Phalalia, Lakoba, and Warno Rice Farm, among other flood affected areas.

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