Ribadu Says Buhari Not Supporting Herdsmen


Nuhu Ribadu Photo: Herald

Former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Nuhu Ribadu insisted that President Muhammad Bukhari did not support the killing of Nigerians by the shepherds Fulani.

Speaking Monday at the conflict resolution forum, a former candidate for the governor of Hadamada said that crises between farmers and shepherds were seized by some politicians to score political points.

Ribadu said: “The nomads of Fulani are the most inhabited people you can find; they don't care about a tribe or religion. They can live with anyone, if they have pasture.

“President Bukhari, instead of fighting with the shepherds of Fulani; it is even seen by shepherds, like the one who took sides with people whom they consider to be aggressors.

“Climate change, uncertainty and economic decline are mainly the reasons why shepherds move from the depths to the south.

“For many years, Nigeria was unable to arrest the nomads and resettle the nomads of Fulani, as happened in many countries around the world.

“This is an old problem all over the world from America to Asia and here in Africa. In America there were nomads, but with the right policies they were settled.

“In India, there are 315 nomadic tribes, but all of them were settled. The Ahir tribe, in particular, is very similar to our own Fulani. Suri in Ethiopia, Turkana, Samburu and Masai in East Africa and Nemba in Namibia, or even the Tuareg in North Africa and the Sahel, are settled today. We should not differ from each other.

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