Report Identifies Growth Prospect For Cheese Production


A report by Euro Monitor International titled, Nigeria’s Dairy industry, has identified growth prospect for cheese production in Nigeria. Cheese, popularly called wara, is a product of milk.

The report stated: “Cheese in Nigeria is still a niche category, as no company in Nigeria is currently producing cheese. Although Nigerians do consume lots of unpackaged local cheese (such as wara in the southwest), packaged cheese is not popular among Nigerians, with the main consumer base being expatriates. Growth is, however, being driven by an increased presence in retail outlets, such as supermarkets, hypermarkets and independent small grocers, which increasingly stock western-style products. Growth is also in line with the fast rate of urbanisation growth.” According to the report, cheese industry in Nigeria is fragmented, with no singular brand yet to have a steady presence or share.

“Packaged cheese remains restricted to modern retail channels, with brands which enter the category not always lasting long, partly due to the lack of strong consumer interest.

However, this is improving as modern retailers improve the visibility of cheese amongst middle-class Nigerians. All brands present in the category, such as Philadelphia and President, are imported. There are no private label products available,” it said.