Proper budget implementation crucial to agriculture development Makanjuola


Makanjuola Dr. Olusegun Makanjuola, the immediate former general secretary (South-West), the Poultry Farmers Association of Nigeria, is the chairman of Global Wyse Limited, an agricultural consulting firm. He told NURUDEEN ALIMI in this interview, because the budget allocated for agriculture must be properly implemented.

As a professional and major contributor to the agriculture sector, how would you rate the pace of agricultural development in Nigeria?

At the moment I will say that there is a tendency of agricultural development in comparison with the past one or two decades. The seriousness of the government will have a great influence on it, although we still have many opportunities for the development of agriculture in Nigeria. We do not need to engage in paper farming, we need to engage in practical agriculture, because agriculture is what you see. If the government can implement most of the policy in which they demonstrate that agriculture will develop in Nigeria. We need to return to the days of the late chief Obafemi Avolovo, as they took agriculture. We need to pave this way when they established a settlement of farmers, they encouraged graduates and graduates. I remember a time when I was in elementary school even to a small part of my high school, we had gardens in the back of our homes. The government should encourage every agricultural sector by developing appropriate policies and allocating funds at a reasonable discount rate. There are agricultural centers around the world that cannot be used in industry or residential premises. If we put all this together, then agriculture will develop at a very high speed, because people now know that they need to go back to the root, people want to do it, but the environment should be very favorable, and this is where the government should come. .

Do you think that the budget allocated to agriculture in Nigeria is sufficient?

I'm not always worried about distribution. I'm worried about the implementation. No matter how scanty this distribution is, if it falls directly into agriculture, there will be a significant difference between the current year and the previous one. Sincerity of the realization of such a figure, what are the things that they put into these numbers that they want to realize? If they do it with letters, this time around him, the point is not to do 80 or 90 percent, no matter what the number allows him to use properly. When you say that farmers need to get money to grow rice, if it is 10 or 5 percent of the budget, let it get to rice farmers. Many people want to attract investors, but investors want to see that on earth, when they now compare our budget with implementation, they are always afraid, because when the implementation failed, the government now resorts to importing again. Therefore, if an investor has invested his money in cultivation by the time they are imported, his products will be useless. Let them realize what is in the budget for letters, and I know that farmers will appreciate it so much, and thus our agricultural sector will grow.

You own an agricultural company, what role does your company play in agricultural development, what is a very important sector of the economy?

We do a lot in my company, and one of them is that we train people. We train not only with farmers, we train from the cradle by going to higher educational institutions, such as agricultural colleges, wind farms, the department of animal sciences of some universities, to use these young future farmers. Training is focused on the development of agriculture. We teach people, as a fact, we are training now. Coaching is more expensive than mentoring, and, in addition, we consult with farmers who control agricultural projects and come up with innovative products that help agriculture.

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