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What are the problems and prospects of agriculture in Nigeria? Read on to learn the main problems and ways to change the situation.


The main problems of agriculture in Nigeria

Today, the agricultural sector is one of the most important in the country, employing about 70% of the Nigerian labor force. But the sector suffers because of low productivity, and because of this, it is becoming increasingly difficult to feed a growing population. We describe its main problems:

The current state of infrastructure in many sectors has led to a high level of migration among working-age adolescents. Young people do not want to stay in the countryside, because there is poor infrastructure and moving to the cities. Because of this, agriculture in the villages loses its labor force, which reduces its results.

Problems of agriculture in Nigeria and possible solutions


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Another example is bad roads, the situation with roads increases the cost and time of transportation. Some goods die during transportation.

  • Inactive Research Institutions

Unfortunately, agricultural research institutions in the country operate inefficiently and effectively. All of these institutions do not have clear coordination or direction of work. Most studies end on the shelves and do not help change the current situation. Most farmers, who are considered the end users of these studies, cannot put the research institutions into practice.

  • Education and modernization

The lack of mechanized equipment and the illiteracy of most farmers is the reason why it is difficult to introduce modern farming methods. Many farmers still maintain archaic farming methods. Most of the problems of agricultural marketing in Nigeria are associated with low levels of education.

Problems of agriculture in Nigeria and possible solutions


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From time to time, the government imports a number of tractors, but there are no service stations to repair or replace parts for such equipment. If there is a problem with such a tractor, the farmer usually just parks it and returns to the old farming method.

20-40% of the crop is lost annually during processing. Among the main problems, we see the lack of proper storage facilities, because of this, the crop gets pests, and the very storage conditions reduce the quality of crops.

There is a low level of import of hybrid seedlings, and it is still not easy to get fertilizer subsidies. Today we see some government programs aimed at developing agriculture, but in recent years there have been no quality programs for the development of the sector.

Possible solutions to the problems of agriculture in Nigeria

Now we know the main problems of agricultural development in Nigeria, but what about the solutions? Viable solutions can provide a new level of agricultural sector in the country.

Problems of agriculture in Nigeria and possible solutions


  • Among the first ways to make a difference are learning and raising the level of education. Skilled and educated workers can withstand the durability of mechanized agricultural tools. Modern agricultural educational programs for farmers are an essential tool for changing the current situation.
  • Mechanization of agriculture. Another step is to provide educated farmers with modern agricultural machinery and equipment.
  • Modernization of the Agricultural Research Council to monitor, coordinate and implement agricultural development.
  • The introduction of new government programs aimed at encouraging able-bodied young people to participate in the agricultural sector.
  • There must be local producers of pesticides, fertilizers, etc.
  • A system of affordable loans should be developed at reasonable interest rates /
Problems of agriculture in Nigeria and possible solutions


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  • The government should take measures to curb food imports.
  • The irrigation system must be reconstructed to solve the problem of unreliable precipitation.
  • In most cases, Nigerian agricultural products are organic because most farmers do not use any chemicals to increase yields. In our modern world, where many countries need healthier food, it can be an excellent factor in increasing agricultural exports.
  • Another solution is to develop the use of a solar or wind energy system.
  • People say that the sector requires strong leadership. Honest patriotic and caring leadership is one of the main factors in solving all other problems.

Here is a list of current problems and possible solutions. In recent years, we see that the situation is changing, there are more educated farmers and investments in agriculture.

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