Price of bread to go up


According to all indications, consumers of bread may have to pay more in the coming weeks, as the price of the main product is likely to increase.

The planned increase in prices is not associated with an increase in the cost of ingredients for baking and other materials over the past three years.

The Guardian learned that since mid-2015, the rise in price of flour and other materials has fluctuated from 80 to 137 percent. For example, a bag of flour weighing 50 kg, which is the main component of bread, has grown from N6 000 to N11, 000, by about 90 percent; sugar from N11, 000 to N16, 500, as well as other basic ingredients.

Although the Association of Masters of Bakers and Water Bodies of Nigeria (AMBCN) told The Guardian that the body will have to meet and discuss the issue of raising prices, but the Association of Breadmakers of Premium Nigeria (PBMAN) said it will soon adjust its price.

President of the Premium Bread, Mr. Jemida Tosan, was quoted as saying: "The problems we face as a result of the continuing increase in the prices of baking ingredients have turned most premium bakeries into coma, which led to a loss of work.

Baker Ramon Alani, who works in the Collington area of ​​Lagos, said that despite rising ingredient prices over the past three years, the price of bread was stable, which caused bakers to run at a loss.

He added that the situation forced many to abandon business at the moment, to seek alternative sources of income and to avoid bankruptcy.

Although the price of bread was stable for a while, it was claimed that The Guardian surveys showed that size, taste and quality had fallen dramatically over the years.

A woman, Mrs. Moisore Olawa, who bought a bun N200 last week in the Aboul-Egbah district of Lagos, expressed dissatisfaction with the taste and quality of the bread.

However, she lamented that if the price increase was affected, this would make bread unaffordable for the average person.

In addition to reducing quality, taste and size, it became known that most bakers take unhealthy methods to stay afloat.

The National Secretary, AMBCN, Jude Okafor told The Guardian that although his national executive has not yet made any decision, as there are processes and procedures to be followed, noting that whatever they come up with, will give national interests .

He said that because of the problems facing the industry, "more bakeries close the store than those that appear in our reports and statistics. This is one of the reasons for the sharp drop in the employment rate in the country.

"Previously, some bakers had up to 100 workers, but now they can hardly use 20. We realized that the only way to manage ourselves now is to cut back. Those who could not manage or reduce, close the store, being a debtor to financial institutions. "

As accumulation, the price of flour, which constitutes the bulk of the baking, continues to grow, as it seems that at the moment there is no alternative to flour. A possible replacement for wheat flour is cassava flour. But, despite the country's position as the world's largest cassava producer with an annual output of 57.13 million tons, the lack of government will on the part of the government made the cassava policy initiated by the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo hopeless.

It was found that AMBCN recently wrote the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) on this issue, but they have not received any response.

He said: "Last month, the ministry wrote a letter to the Association of Nigeria's flour mills, a body acting as a cartel, and informed them that they were killing industry at a price, but they had not yet responded. They do not know that after killing a business, many people will leave the bakery and will look for alternatives where profits can be guaranteed.

"When the dollar was from N197 to N200, the bag of flour was N6 000, and when 1 dollar rose to N500, the price moved to N11 000. But when the dollar began to decline to about N360, they refused to move down, rather they come up with all sorts of lies , saying that they are trying so that we can survive. A bag of flour should be sold around N7, 000 or N8, 000. The high price of flour forced the price of bread to where it is now. "

At the same time, he noted that the body controls its members to ensure that the quality will not be compromised.

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