PAN distributes crates of eggs to orphanages, hospitals, school in Kaduna


Nigeria's Birds Association (PAN) Head of State Kaduna distributed egg boxes to orphanages, hospitals and schools in Kaduna to mark World Egg Day.

The association’s vice chair, Binta Adam, said the association decided to distribute eggs to emphasize the importance of eating eggs to Nigerians.

“Our goal is places for the elderly, such as orphanages, hospitals, especially orphanages and maternity homes and schools. We shared more than 200 egg crates in all these places and on the streets for passers-by, ”she said.

She said that the association also shared eggs with 500 students of the LEA Elementary School, dear Maiduguri, Kaduna, adding: “We danced with them, celebrated with them and at the Barau Dikko Teachers Hospital, we taught them the importance of eating one egg a day. "

She advised the general public to eat a lot of eggs, because she has important nutrients for human development.

“Egg is a whole meal, it serves for lunch for people who want to lose weight, you do not need to take drugs or exercise. If you eat two eggs with fruit in the morning, noon and night, in the next two weeks you will see changes in your body, because you lose weight.

“In addition, the egg contains all kinds of food, the only thing that does not contain vitamin C in the egg, and the only thing that can compete with the egg in this world is mother's breast milk,” she said.

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