Pakistan, Belarus Signed MoU To Boost Agri Cooperation


Pakistan and Belarus have signed a memorandum of understanding to step up cooperation in agriculture, with a mutual interest in establishing joint milk processing enterprises in the country.

Under the MoU signed here on Thursday, the two countries will facilitate direct contacts between their private sectors for joint ventures in milk processing and whole milk products like ice cream, drinking yogurt, cheese and yoghurt, and baby food using Belarusian milk powder and technologies.

The MoU noted with satisfaction the positive dynamics of strengthening cooperation in the field of agriculture and food, including the implementation of agreements reached during the third meeting of the joint working group in Minsk early this year.

The signing ceremony took place at the end of the two-day meeting of the fourth session of the joint group.

The MoU was signed by Belarusian Deputy Agriculture and Food Minister, Igor Brylo and Secretary Ministry of National Food Security and Research, Abbas Maken on behalf of their respective countries.

It was learned that Belarus has expressed its readiness to introduce milk powder, cheeses, condensed and concentrated milk, butter, canned products from poultry meat and beef in the Pakistani market.

Pakistan has agreed to increase direct supplies of rice, potatoes, mangoes and citrus fruits.

The two countries agreed to cooperate with each other in exploring trading partners interested in the supply of agricultural products in the markets of Pakistan and Belarus.

The agreement also included continuation of work on harmonisation of phytosanitary and veterinary standards, exchange of information in the fields of quarantine and plant protection for the organisation of import and export supplies of agricultural products.