Oyo solicits demand-driven projects for Agriculture


The government of Abiola Adjimoby of the state of Oyo called on agricultural research institutes and farmers in the state to embark on demand-based projects, depending on the specific needs of their consumers.

He called for an open state agricultural investment summit at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (ITA), Ibadan.

Summit theme –Transformation of Oyo and Agro-Union Industry: Private Sector Participation".

Adjimobi, who was represented by his deputy, the head of Moses Adeimo, noted that there is a big gap between farmers, consumers and processors, adding that this hindered the desired development of agriculture in the state.

The Governor stressed that bridging the gap in agriculture, triggered by demand, will lead to the strengthening of state agro-industrial sectors.

“Effective cooperation between governments, agricultural institutions, farmers, processors, agro-unions, banks and other stakeholders in the value chain of agricultural products will contribute to industrial development and the provision of food and employment for the population.

“Such demand-oriented agriculture will also help solve the problem of food insecurity, unemployment, slow down the development of rural areas and abandon obsolete technologies”, he said.

Oyewole Oyewunmi, Commissioner for Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development, also emphasized the need for demand-oriented agriculture to meet the needs of a growing population.

“Currently, agriculture is regulated by demand. The farmer must produce for a specific purpose, which will come from the end user. This makes agriculture more scientific and based on innovation and research.

“It optimizes productivity and expands the economy. We need sustainable agricultural practices to meet the needs of a growing population ”, Said Oyueumi.

Various stakeholders at the summit advocated regular agricultural subsidies to spawn mechanized and large-scale agriculture.

Linda Amadi, Government Relations Coordinator, African Development Bank (AfDB), Mr. Kenton Dashell, Deputy Director General, IITA and Ms. Dzhekekelena Java from Diageo, Mr. Ebenezer Boluvatife attended other events.

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