Over 30% farmland in Niger Delta lost to floods – Uduaghan


Immediate former governor of the state of Delta, Dr. Emmanuel Uduagan, reported that over 30 percent of agricultural land in Niger The delta region was lost as a result of the devastating floods this year.

Uduagan, a senatorial candidate from the All-Progressive Congress in the Delta-South Senate district in the general elections of 2019, noted that development is a serious threat to the nation’s food sufficiency.

In a statement on World Food Day 2018 on Tuesday, the former governor lamented that the flooding this year led to the premature harvesting and destruction of agricultural land, including fish ponds, in the country, especially in the oil-rich region.

He said that the situation will not only lead to large losses for farmers, but also have a negative impact on the already improving desire for food self-reliance by the leadership of President Muhammad Bukhari.

Therefore, Uduagan called on governments, corporate bodies and individuals to provide assistance to alleviate the plight of farmers caught in the web of a natural disaster.

He said: “More than 30 percent of our agricultural land was covered by floods, including fish ponds.

“As shown on MTA on Monday, some of the farmers had to rush to harvest unripe agricultural products and sell them for less than 40 percent of their market value.

“Their future seems hopeless. When we celebrate this day, let us remember the losses and sufferings of these our farmers.

"Regardless of what we can do individually, as organized groups, or as a government, there is a long way to go in alleviating their plight."

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