Our Privacy and Cookies Policy

Agrobusinessngr.com is committed to protecting your personal information when you are using our services. We want our services to be safe and enjoyable environments for our audience. This Privacy and Cookies Policy relates to our use of any personal information we collect from you via the following online services:

• Any agrobusinessngr website that links to this Privacy and Cookies Policy

• Social media or official agrobusinessngr content on other websites

• It also relates to our use of any personal information you provide to us by phone, SMS,email, in letters and other correspondence and in person. In order to provide you with the full range of agrobusinessngr services, we sometimes need to collect information about you.

Agrobusinessngr.com has designed an appropriate safeguard for processing personal data collected; we also ensure that data gathered are legitimately used for the action in which a user has given consent. It cannot be used in any other way, without the user’s permission.

Agrobusinessngr websites contain hyperlinks to websites owned and operated by third parties. These third party websites have their own privacy policies, and are also likely to use cookies, and we therefore urge you to review them. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for the privacy practices of such third party websites.

1. Data that we collect

When you participate/access activities or online content, such as newsletters, message boards, telephone or text agrobusinessngr.com, we may receive personal information about you. This can consist of information such as your name, email address, postal address, telephone or mobile number or date of birth, as well as information collected about your use of agrobusinessngr services (such as what you read or watch on agrobusinessngr Online).
Agrobusinessngr.com also uses cookies and similar technologies and collects IP addresses (an IP address is a number that can uniquely identify a specific computer or other network device on the internet) and other information about devices from visitors to agrobusinessngr websites.
Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that we transfer to your computer’s hard drive through your Web browser to enable our systems to recognize your browser and tell us how and when pages in our website are visited and by how many people. Agrobusinessngr.com cookies do not collect sensitive information, and we do not combine information collected through cookies with other personal information to tell us who you are or what your screen name or e-mail address is.
Kindly note that sometimes we will require you to provide additional information and sometimes relevant information; however, further explanation about why we are collecting such information and how we will use it will be provided when situation arises.

2. How will the agrobusinessngr.com use the information it collects?

The agrobusinessngr.com will use your personal information for a number of purposes including the following:

• to provide our services, activities or online content, to provide you with information about them and to deal with your requests and enquiries

• for “service administration purposes”, which means that the agrobusinessngr.com may contact you for reasons related to the service, activity or online content you have signed up for,(e.g.  to notify you that a particular service, activity or online content has been suspended for maintenance, to notify you of updates to our Privacy and Cookies Policy or Terms of Use)

• where we provide personalised services, we may need to analyse the information you supply, as well as your activity on our services, so that we can offer you a better personalisation service (e.g. If you are signed-in or subscribed to email newsletters, you will receive a personalised service. If you do not wish to continue to receive these services then you can disable personalization or unsubscribe from the newsletters).

• to use IP addresses and device identifiers to identify the location of users, to block disruptive use, as well as to establish the number of visits from different countries.

• for analysis and research purposes so that we may improve the services offered by agrobusinessngr.com

• to provide you with the most user-friendly navigation experience.

• Agrobusinessngr.com may also use and disclose information in aggregate (so that no individuals are identified) for marketing and strategic development purposes.

3. When will the agrobusinessngr.com contact me?

The agrobusinessngr.com may contact you:

• in relation to any service, activity or online content you have signed up for in order to ensure that agrobusinessngr.com smoothly delivers the services to you, e.g. to verify or check if you still want to use the service.

• in relation to any correspondence we receive from you or any comment or complaint you make about agrobusinessngr.com services

• in relation to any personalised services you are using

• in relation to any contribution you have submitted to the agrobusinessngr.com, e.g. on the agrobusinessngr.com message boards or via text.

• to invite you to participate in surveys about the agrobusinessngr.com services (participation is always voluntary)
• for marketing purposes, where you have agreed to this.

4.Information Sharing

Generally, we will use your information internally and will only share it outside the agrobusinessngr.com where you have requested it or given your consent, for instance if you choose to share content via social media. However, sometimes agrobusinessngr.com uses third parties to process your information on our behalf, for example to provide services or analysis. The agrobusinessngr.com requires these third parties to comply strictly with its instructions and the agrobusinessngr.com requires that they do not use your personal information for their own business purposes, unless you have explicitly consented to the use of your personal information in this way.

5. Changes to agrobusinessngr.com Privacy and Cookies Policy
This Privacy and Cookies Policy may be updated from time to time so you may wish to check it each time you submit personal information to agrobusinessngr.com.

6. Contacting agrobusinessngr.com about this Privacy and Cookies Policy
If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy and Cookies Policy please contact: The Data Protection Officer at info@agrobusinessngr.com