Ogbeh urges soil scientists to check degradation


  • … establishes the governing board of the institute

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, head of Audu Ogbe, said that there is an urgent need for a well-planned scientific soil management strategy to control or prevent degradation for the continuous use of soil for increasing and sustaining crop production.

The minister said this in Abuja, opening the governing board of the newly established Nigerian Institute of Soil Science (NISS).

Chief Ogbe said: “The creation of the institute is also an important step in meeting the country's desire to increase food production, as well as efficiently transform and encourage the use of land, land and other resources.”

He said that scientists recognized soil erosion restrictions, poor soil fertility maintenance, lack of data on soil resources and soil maps as factors contributing to low agricultural production.

“The only notable actions taken on the basis of all these programs were fertilizer supply at subsidized prices. Even this action can be harmful to crops in the absence of correct and relevant information on the characteristics of the soil, ”he added.

It is assumed that the institute will prescribe and regulate the level of academic qualifications and practical skills that must be achieved by persons wishing to become registered members, associates or scholars of the institute; promote education, science, technology and the art of soil science for crop production in collaboration with the areas coordinating research institutions.

The famous soil scientist, Professor Victor Chud, heads the institute as his pioneer registrar.

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