Ogbeh commends women over 70% contributions to food production


[FILE PHOTO] Oudha Ogbeh, Minister of Agriculture of Nigeria

The federal government commended Nigerian women farmers for contributing at least 70% to national food production.

The Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Audu Ogbeh, expressed his gratitude by attaching the National Gender Action Plan (NGAP) for agriculture to build the capacity of Nigerian women.

The minister said that the goal of the National Gender Action Plan is to build the capacity of women farmers to move from subsistence agriculture to medium / large-scale agriculture.

Women, he added, are good managers, and their commitment to the well-being of family and society cannot be emphasized.

Ogbe said that women remain the backbone of the country's agriculture because they contribute to the development of the sector, as evidenced by various statistics in which 70% of small farmers who actually feed the country are women.

However, he acknowledged some of the challenges women face in this sector, including low access to finance and agricultural resources, such as fertilizers, improved seeds, farms, agrochemicals, access to land, market access, and in some cases lack of security.

Mr. President’s wife, Ms. Aisha Muhammad Bukhari, who was introduced by her special assistant Dr. Hadjo Sani, showed that raising a girl is paramount to the sustainable development of society and that when you bring up a girl, you let the child stand by yourself.

She also believes that the launch of the National Action Plan on Gender Issues will lead to the fact that women from subsistence agriculture will increase the level of modern agriculture.

The Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Dr. Abudulkadir Mouazu, who was represented by Dr. Watergir Bright, Director, said that Nigeria’s agriculture and food industry is still unable to meet the needs of more than 170 million people, both quantitatively and qualitatively. ensuring that Nigeria is working to reduce its food import bill for more than $ 11 million per year so that local producers can take advantage of wealth creation opportunities and with building jobs for the country.

Mrs. Karim Babaginda, Director of Internal Affairs at the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, stated that the National Gender Plan for Agriculture (NGAP) is the basis for affirmative action to ensure that current sectoral policies produce tangible results every year, adding that It also aims to identify specific concrete programs and actions in rural areas that are needed to maximize the potential of many farmers, including women practitioners in rural areas. oh housekeeping.

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