Ogbeh Calls On Nigerians To Embrace Apiculture


The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audou Ogbeh called on beekeepers and other stakeholders to encourage more Nigerians to adopt beekeeping, which has many benefits such as job creation, food security and improved livelihoods.

The minister, who regretted why Nigeria still one of countries that did not fully use beekeeping despite their the world's largest corn producer in the amount of 10 million tons per year and second manufacturer Sorghum / Millet, said that the export of honey will strengthen the country's economic growth.

According to the press statement provided to the LEADERSHIP, the minister addressed the official flag with a call for a national sensation APIEXPO Africa 2018, held recently in Abuja.

Chief Ogeh said that Nigeria will soon join the community of countries known for honey exports after ensuring the accreditation and certification of their honey in the Commission of the European Union. He noted that Nigeria will join selected countries such as Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Benin, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Ethiopia, Cameroon and Ghana, known for honey production.

In addition, the Chief Executive Officer of Beekeeping Africa, Mr. Bosco Ocello, speaking on "The Impact of ApiExpo Africa on the Beekeeping Industry", noted that the exhibition was devoted to economic stimulation, social mobilization and the implementation of friendly policies by governments to stimulate tourism and promote trade in goods and equipment.

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