OCP Africa to collaborate with Nigeria on agricultural development



OCP Africa, a fertilizer company, reaffirmed its commitment to participating in Nigeria's agricultural development initiatives.
OCP Managing Director Mustafa El Huifi reported this on Tuesday, addressing journalists at the company's headquarters in Casablanca, Morocco.

He noted that the company is seriously concerned about making Africa the fertilizer laboratory of the future, which is crucial for the development of agriculture, noting that Nigeria is the main player in the desire to translate this vision.

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He further stated that: "We are pleased to participate in Nigeria's initiatives for the development of agriculture and the use of fertilizers. Our goal and aspiration is to achieve the desired results.

"We want to be a fertilizer laboratory for the future, which is critical to the development of agriculture in Africa and the world at large, and will continue to work hand in hand with the Nigerian government and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector, as this is a well-known fact that Nigeria is one of the main centers of agriculture in Africa and, in fact, in the world as a whole.

El-Ouani also said that UCP will work with agricultural research institutes in Nigeria to conduct soil studies to know which fertilizer is applied to a particular soil, as this can only guarantee quality and yield increase for farmers.

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