Nutritionist advocates utilisation of bio-resources –


Professor of Biochemical Nutrition and Toxicology, Dr. Ipheoma Irene Ijez, expressed concern that Nigeria's biodiversity / resources, including abundant green and leafy vegetables, were not fully used.

Professor Ige from the University of Agriculture. Michael Okpara (MUAU), Abia, announced this by giving her an introductory lecture at the university, entitled "The Food And Medicine Wedlock: Finding a Biochemist for the Right Local Bride."

She said that donations provide tremendous opportunities for researching new food and food products for domestic and farm animals, raw materials for industry, chemicals, biological reagents for the health care industry, agriculture and nutraceutical development.

She added that the results of research by several scientists in Africa and beyond have shown the dual role of vegetables as food and medicine, saying that many people were caught in the network rejecting local products / menus for foreigners. Many of these products are prepared in fast foods using highly purified flour, sugary products and trans fats that predispose consumers to many chronic non-infectious diseases.

Therefore, she urged fast food operators to offer the public healthier local menus and instructed the relevant regulatory authorities to ensure compliance with their requirements. " Many components of our local products are rich in bioactive agents that can prevent, delay or reverse the course of many chronic non-infectious diseases, especially obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. "

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