Nigeria may experience rice shortage in 2019 –Ogbeh


The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, the head of Oudu Ogbe, said that if appropriate measures are not taken after the recent floods, the country may face a shortage of rice.

Ogbeh revealed this in Abuja on Thursday at the opening of the Molecular Fund of the Council for Agricultural Seeds and the Seed Seed Fair in 2018 and the field of farmers.

He said the flood affected some large rice-producing countries. He added that the country may be deficient in rice if not addressed.

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“We must find a way to help farmers affected by the flood. States like Jigawa, Kebbi, Anambra, and Kogi were heavily affected. Farmers lost everything they planted.

“There are different varieties of rice that are produced on NASC, for example, in the spotlight 66 and 67, which are resistant to flooding.

“We hope to get them in the field in large quantities so that farmers can plant in the near future.

“We also hope that as soon as the rain seizes, the farmers will transplant, so that the residual moisture in the soil plus irrigation gives us another crop by the end of December or early January.”

Otherwise, the minister said: Nigeria will experience difficulties with the supply of rice and other grains such as millet, sorghum and corn next year.


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