Nigeria: Develop Potentials Of Rivers Niger, Benue Lying Untapped


President of Nigeria Muhammad Bukhari

Joseph Edegbo

A group of professionals from Nigeria wants the federal government to use the development potential of the Niger and Benue rivers, just as it draws the United Nations attention to Lokoia, “Heritage is the legacy of the UN”.

Professionals working under the management of “YG-Consult” made a call to the goodwill provided by the Arc coordinator. Gabriel Yakubu Aduku will celebrate World Architecture Day 2018 in Abuja, the capital of the country.

He said that professionals are convinced that the development of suitable projects along rivers can lead to the transformation and modernization of cities, towns and villages along them.

Such projects, explained Ark Aduku, may also be attractive to national and international investors, foreign experts, foreign direct investment (FDI) and international financial development institutions.

The main projects identified by the group include: Agriculture, especially irrigation and gardening, Modern and self-sustaining new cities and neighborhoods, aquaculture, water transport and Smart Land Transportation systems, as well as tourism and international water sports.

These areas, according to experts, can provide a calm environment, contribute to the creation of global research and development centers, such as a science and nanotechnology research park; Production park for systems and components for renewable energy sources.

Others – Research Center for the production of microchips from cellulosic materials; Eco Technology Research Lab with a focus on renewable energy; Institute of Technology as a cluster of knowledge, in which academic research can be transformed into commercial enterprises, all under one roof – the creation of a knowledge economy.

Technology Incubation Center; Creative industrial complex; Film village;

Radio / television stations; A state-of-the-art entertainment center; and multimedia studios.

“Each of the above projects can expand the knowledge and skills base of Nigerians, improve economic development and create modern and ICT-based job creation in Nigeria. The projects that we assume will be of such scale and diversity that they will be able to attract foreign capital and experience, especially foreign direct investment (FDI). First of all, we are convinced that these projects will complement the current efforts of the administration to create efficient and sustainable infrastructure facilities and services throughout the country.

“We are ready and willing to put our experience and experience at the disposal of the federal government to ensure the successful implementation of this commendable project. In particular, we propose to conduct a detailed review of the two rivers in order to determine the types, scale and location of the proposed transformation projects; conduct effective sensitization of stakeholders at all levels of government; sell projects to potential local and international investors; supervise the implementation of projects; and conduct studies to assess the impact of completed projects in order to ensure that the original objectives are met and that other unintended consequences are properly addressed.

“We have already conducted a preliminary assessment of the technical feasibility and financial and economic viability and sustainability of the identified projects. We will be honored to address the Council.

“In conclusion, we would like to repeat the following:

I. The huge but largely untapped potential of the Niger and Benue rivers;

Ii. The need to take advantage of the rivers to facilitate the modernization and economic development of states, cities and cities along them in particular, and Nigeria as a whole; and

III. Provide Nigerian professionals with the opportunity to support the ongoing efforts of the federal government to ensure sustainable performance and sustainability throughout the country.

At UN-Habitat-Heritage City, professionals see the need to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities for growth and development in the city of Lokoy, Kogi State, Nigeria and Africa.

YG-Consult is a group of professionals from different countries with national and international experience, the formation of which was motivated by political statements of the federal government under the leadership of President Muhammad Bukhari, as well as the National Economic Council to diversify the Nigerian economy from the dominance of crude oil.

Members of the group are Arc. (Head) Gabriel Yakubu Aduku (Coordinator), Senator Abubakar H. Giray, Engr. Nurudeen Rafindadi, Engr. Kashim A. Ali, Ark. Dr. Philip, Z. Iyortyer, Mal. Murtala Aliya, Professor Ignatius Ayua, SAN, Engr. Dr. Aliya Abubakar, Ark. Daniel A. Agamah, Professor Mustafa Zubairu, Dr. Omed Idris, Admiral Abdullahi Shettima, Professor Emmanuel S. Dandaura and Ingres Joseph Makoy

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