Niger Gov Seeks International Support On Agricultural Value-Chain


Niger State Governor, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello has re-energized his desire and determination to make the state a hub for both local and international investors in agricultural value-chain and other areas as he opened linkages at a Business Roundtable organized by African Caribbean Business Council of Greater Philadelphia (ACDBC) in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United State.

According to the Chief Press Secretary Jibrin Ndace the Governor has assured every investor of the establishment of enabling environment by instituting credible, transparent and proactive governance structure.

He therefore called on investors in the United States and other part of the world at the roundtable to explore opportunities available in the state in the areas of agriculture, solid mineral infrastructure, sports and tourism.

“Niger state is a bundle of opportunities and fertile ground for any investor. We are strategically located close to the capital city, Abuja. We have largest land mass in Nigeria – fertile, uncultivated and ready for use for large mechanized farming. We have solid minerals. We have a youthful population and peaceful environment. We have an international airport. We are linked by railway to the seaport” Ndace quoted the Governor.

Acording to the Governor “Above all, we are building a governance structure that engenders good governance, transparency, accountability and investor-friendly environment.”

Consequently Ndace stated in a statement that the governor has expressed his determination to make Niger state an international player in the export of Shea butter as the state was working towards establishing export produce- conditioning centre to meet international standards.

”We are here to have firm discussion with Pennsylvania in the area of trade, agriculture, solid minerals,sports and tourism. We need technical support on how we can develop our economy. It is very comforting to know that Pennsylvania is the 6th largest economy in United States and 18th largest economy in the world. I believe a strong partnership between Niger state, Nigeria and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will go a long way towards improving the economy of the two states.

We want the partnership to cover the entire value-chain: Production, processing, storage and marketing. We want improved yield and new technological that would increase yield per acre; we want mills for processing, we want storage facilities, we want ready market for the finished produce. ” he added

The statement added that Lt Governor Micheal Stack 111 earlier in gis remark described the state of Pennsylvania as an agrarian state and indicated willingness to collaborate with Niger state towards boosting commercial agriculture.