Nestle Committed To Increasing Sourcing Of Raw Materials Locally


In its quest to ensure that Nigerians are healthy food, especially breakfast, Nestle Nigeria Plc declares that it will continue to use its shared value initiatives (CSVs) to further strengthen the development of local content in its products.

The company confirmed that it seeks to continue to increase the share of local sources of raw materials from the current level of about 80%.

The media report that, as part of CSV initiatives, Nestlé, along with its partners, including the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) / 2Scale, USAID, VEGA and CNFA, ​​is committed to continuing to work with farmers as part of its value chain to improve grain quality and productivity .

The partnerships also help farmers improve their livelihoods by extending their rights to sustainable farming practices in the Sahel and sorghum sowing projects and "Feed the future in Nigeria" and "Improve the quality of Nestle corn."

Over the past two years, the activities have had a significant impact, providing 41,671 opportunities to improve the quality of grain and increase productivity through various joint activities.

Only in 2017, for example, the Sorghum and Millet project in the Sahel, in partnership with IFDC, produced more than 7,905 sorghum and 1,069 pro-farmers on good agricultural crops and post-harvest practices.

It is reported that 22 per cent of these farmers are women, which indicate a significant increase in income.

They said that this change is associated with increased productivity, improved quality of crops and the availability of a ready-made market, which eliminates the negative impact of intermediaries.

Ms. Victoria Uvadoka, public relations and public relations manager at Nestle, told the news agency that Nestle's efforts to increase local revenue sources have produced impressive results.

Currently, Nestlé uses the bulk of its raw materials at the local level.

"Today about 80 percent of agricultural production in our products comes at the local level thanks to investments that we have invested in increasing local sources since 2011.

"Currently, Nigerian farmers are supplying 100 percent of the grains and legumes used in Golden Morn, malt in MILO is made from sorghum, supplied to small farmers who grow grain in northwestern Nigeria.

Other sources included in local sources include soybeans, cocoa powder, palm oil, corn and millet, "she told the news agency

"More than seven years ago, Nestle launched its Grain Plan to increase local sources of grain, grains and legumes for its production.

"For the manufacturer, such as Nestle, which is a food and beverage producer focused on nutrition and wellness, our area of ​​competence is not farming.

«In our firm belief that the sustainability of our company is linked to improving livelihoods and creating a common value in the communities in which we work, Nestle launched a Cereal Plan to enable farmers to improve grain quality and increase productivity.

"We realized early on that the attempt to do everything by itself is not sustainable," she said.

"So, we have done to create projects that include aggregators, some of which have worked with Nestle, material suppliers, small farmers and project partners for more than 20 years, which provide training and management of extension services.

"We believe that this model, which considers a 360-degree ecosystem and allows all stakeholders in the value chain, thereby creating effective links, is the right way to provide a sustainable reverse integration in which every player has the right to concentrate and succeed in his field competence.

"By creating a common value for all parties, we not only expand the value chains, we develop an ecosystem that works."

Uvadoka said that thanks to initiatives to build the capacity of farmers, the company was happy that more than 80 percent of its raw materials were received at the local level and will continue to work together with the government and other partners to increase local content.

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