Namibia: Agribank To Offer Free Mentorship


Agribank will provide free mentorships to farmers in order to facilitate transferring skills and knowledge.

In a statement to the media yesterday, Agribank’s manager for Agricultural Advisory Services Division, Elaine Smith said the mentorship programme will be offered to identified farmers on condition they sign a mentorship and training agreement.

Smith said the farmers would be attached to a mentor based on the location or operational zone of the mentor, to maintain regular contact for personalised advice and guidance centred on the farmer’s needs.

The mentoring will be based on commitment and mutual trust between the mentor and the client for it to be effective, she said.

The first component, Smith explained, will be conducted on a one-on-one basis for a transfer of personalised skills and knowledge between the mentor and the farmer.

The other approach will be a group mentorship, where farmers in a particular area form a group to be mentored as a single unit.

“This group approach promotes and enhances support networks, sharing experiences, and exchange of skills and knowledge among clients,” said Smith.

She said there would also be services to be offered under the Agricultural Advisory Services Division in support of up-scaling farmers’ productivity.