Move From Traditional Farming Methods To Access Finance, Technology


The General Manager, Kaduna Agricultural Development Agency (KADA), Dauda Ashafa has called on farmers in Kaduna state to move from the tradition farming methods to modern once with a view to accessing finance and technological knowhow to add value to their crops.

Addressing a press conference in Kaduna, Ashafa said, “Fertilizer has been a major issue for more than 40 years, it has been known that there was no proper distribution strategy, farmers also believed that they should get fertilizer free, but in actual sense, when you go out there, out of millions of farmers, only few of them have access to it, and even those who have access, the quantity is in adequate.”

Farming Methods

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He said, “We have so far identified the quantity of fertilize a farmer producing for instance sorghum, rice, maize and so on needs for a hectare of land, we make the quantity available so that the farmer can produce optimally and create the linkages between whatever they produce to the needs of the identified industries so that they access financing.

“Using this model, the farmer can be trained on agronomical practices and introduced to new approaches and new technologies such that they will be able to look at agriculture as a business rather than as a tradition.”