Malaysian High Commissioner Applauds Contec’s Agric Blueprint For Nigeria


The High Commissioner of Malaysia in Nigeria, His Excellency, Lim Juay Jin, has expressed surprise at the level of efforts being mustered and deployed by Contec Agro towards achieving food sufficiency in Nigeria.

The High Commissioner who visited the research laboratory facility of Contec Agro in Maitama, Abuja on Thursday, particularly expressed delight at the progress made by the firm through researches and development of bio-fertilizers, tissue culturing of commonly consumed and produced crops as well as other innovations that are being developed at the firm’s facility to enhance food production through improved yields through organic farming in Nigeria.

Contec Global Agro Limited is a Nigerian based agriculture research and development organization that focused on ways of enriching the Nigerian soil as a way of cultivating a sense of pride and fulfillment towards improved farming practices nationwide. Speaking after being conducted round the facility, Jin said: “From all that I have seen today, I would like to commend the efforts by Contec Agro. This is an important initiative that can help Nigeria further develop and modernise its agriculture sector.”

He further said that the facility would contribute immensely to the agricultural development in Nigeria, which also includes empowering and providing employment opportunities for young Nigerians to engage in the sector.

The chairman, Contec Global, Contec Agro’s parent organisation, Dr. Benoy Berry in his response to the Malaysian envoy said th3e company is the brainchild of the groups’ home-grown efforts aimed at solving Nigeria’s food problems as well as make agric products from Nigeria acceptable internationally.

He particularly mentioned the series of bio-solutions from the stable of Contec Agro, including Bio-fertilizers, bio herbicides, Bio pesticides (including Bio fungicides and bio weedicides) among others as some of the products that have been specially formulated to rejuvenated the dying soils across Nigeria, as a means of enhancing better productivity of crops and safety for the farmers.