Lone female graduate from Kwarbaba –


Kvarbaba is a settlement in the local government district of Wurno (LGA) in Sokoto. Photo / GaniNigeria

For Miriam Abbas, from the village of Kvarbaba in the local government district of Wurno (LGA) in Sokoto, she is still the only university graduate from her city of more than 5,000 people.

A 21-year-old lady, a fresh graduate of computer science from the Sokoto State University, believes that for her education she would already be married, like many of her contemporaries.

She spoke in the framework of the program at the National Institute of Agricultural Mechanization (NCAM) in Ilorin, Kvara.

The event "Training on N-Agripreneur in Grinding and Threshing" was financed by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in cooperation with NCAM.

According to her, Western education became a harbinger of hygienic ways of life, expansion of economic opportunities and socialization, noting that any community resisting such knowledge for its people will long find a darkness and poverty.

She said; "I am the only degree holder in my city (Kvarbaba) in the state of Sokoto.

I recently graduated from the University of Sokoto. I read Computer Science.

It was not achieved on gold, but today I'm very proud of this achievement.

"How I would like my people to be liberated from their ignorant world and assess the education so that forced marriages can stop, and among them, a high level of poverty can be reduced.

If I have enough resources, I will help them one day so that quality values ​​can be added to their lives. "

Abbas, who said he can not help encouraging his colleagues in the village to go to school, said that the scourge of Boko-Haram was a big setback for many of them.

Speaking of her reason for training NCAM, she said she used it as a gap for her programs of national youth services (NYSC); just as she said that this program will help her and her father expand their rice, onion and garlic farm.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, attended by 95 participants from such countries as: Yobe, Sokoto, Borno, Kacina, Jigawa and Kebby, Executive Director of NCAM, Engr. Dr. Yomi Kasali said that the institute has highly qualified personnel that can give special skills in any field of mechanization and marketing of agriculture.

Later, starter packages were distributed among the participants to enhance their morale by using the knowledge gained.

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