Lokpobiri tasks West Africa coastal countries on piracy on waters


Heineken lokpobiri

How pirates hack ship, kidnap 3 Korean crews in Ghana, Nigerian waters

Senator Heineken Lockpobiri, Senator Heineken Lockpobiri, who doubles as president of the Western Central Bay of Guinea Fisheries Committee (FCWC), advised member countries to ensure that all vessels adjacent to the coastal waters of the region have a vessel monitoring system (VMS) to properly track vessels maritime security agents.

This, he said, will curb the ongoing piracy in the subregion. In a statement signed by his media assistant, George Oji, Lockpobiri also said that all ships in the subregion must also be installed to install an automatic identification system (AIS) and a transponder device for easy and correct communication.

Lockpobiri said that: “The fact that the pirates went to Ghana captured the ship and cannot be restored calls for more collective cooperation, how can we strengthen our synergies and enable us to achieve the goals of the FCWC.”

According to Lockpobiri, if the vessel in question had all the necessary facilities, it would have been easy for the Nigerian fleet to monitor this and prevent the abduction.

Lockpobiri expressed regret that all illegal activities continue when people just come into the water and go over to another ship after fishing, and there is no evidence that they took from make-up water, is one of the serious problems that need to be taken in Nigeria and member states of the subregion.

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