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Recently, Crenov8 Consulting; a leading consulting and digital technology company in the Middle East, in Dubai and Africa, brought together stakeholders in the country's agricultural sector to attract attention, brainstorm and look at ways to connect large-scale agricultural producers to buyers from the Middle East. In this part, ANTHONY AWUNOR who was at this event, writes that African farmers have an unused market in the countries of the Cooperation Council of the Persian Gulf (GCC)

Agriculture is one of the most revered industries in the world and is perhaps the most important in ensuring sustainability and improving people's lives. Although its products can be broad: from breeding animals and plants for food consumption, from biofuels and other products that help improve and enrich people's lives; the industry itself has always been the key to the development of civilization.

In recognition of this axiom, Crenov8 Consulting has begun to take steps that would bridge this gap between African farmers and not only Dubai, but also other GCC countries and even beyond. It is expected that these steps will increase the untreated agro-industrial export market in African countries, along with GCC's dependence on food imports to ensure sustainability that has been neglected for many years.

Concerned about the vacuum and the desire to expand the capabilities of African farmers, the firm also began to apply the approach known as the "Meeting with the Farmer Conference" (MTFC) to fill this gap by creating synergies among agribusiness stakeholders in agribusiness in Africa at GCC. Since the introduction of this approach was greeted with loud applause of the last conference of the MTFC, which took place in 217.

The meeting with the Farmer Conference is a conference of stakeholders of the agricultural holding company, whose goal is to connect large producers of agricultural products to buyers from the Middle East. During the conference, key participants from Africa and GCC will come together during a one-day event to unite, cooperate and form potential business partnerships across borders to ensure food security in the Middle East and promote agribusiness in Africa. More important; African farmers, participants, participants and delegates at this event will be able to use the business opportunities available to them in Dubai and other GCC countries.

Already, Crenov8 in the media issue, which recently took place in Lagos, also announced on October 10, 2018 that MTFC this year is scheduled to be held in Lagos.

So far, the firm has equally embarked on this mission in 2017 to create a platform in which African agricultural producers will meet with their supporters in the Middle East and beyond to effectively translate business transactions; last year saw the first release in Dubai.

MTFC held its first African conference publication in Ghana on July 4, 2018, at the Kempinski Gold Coast, Accra and the Nigerian edition of the conference in Africa was completed in early October.

The main objective of this event, according to Crenov8 is to build and strengthen international trade links between Africa and the GCC, through agriculture, using Dubai's unique location as a hub. The focus of the conference this year is "The future of agribusiness."

Speaking at a press conference to announce the conference this year, Bol Oedele from Crenov8 Consulting stated that "MTFC is targeting both large and small small farmers to a market worth $ 100 billion in Dubai, so we are working with relevant stakeholders in both the government with the Bank of Agriculture, the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, and the private sector with companies such as Farmcrowdy and AFEX to help us unite s farmers to export Agric products in the UAE. "

"Kenya, Ghana and Rwanda have benefited enormously from the first conference we held in Dubai in 2017, and we have created warehouses and business links for many agribusinesses in the UAE," she said.

Ayodel said that with what they are doing, African farmers, participants, participants and delegates at the event will be able to use the business opportunities available to them in Dubai and other countries of the Persian Gulf.

She also said: "Also, participants will be able to familiarize themselves with a wide range of topics, such as agricultural trade in Dubai and GCC, requirements for import and export, financing, delivery, insurance, processing, packaging, technology, laws and policies.

She said that, using Dubai as a hub, GCC will be able to enjoy rich cultures from the tropics of Africa, while African countries will also experience an increase in agro-industry.

For his part, the Executive Director for Finance and Risk Management is the Bank of Agriculture (BOA); Prince Nia Akenzua said that the MTFC is a good initiative that must be maintained until it reaches the stated goals of linking Nigerian agribusiness owners with the UAE market.

President of the Chamber of Commerce of Lagos; Babatunde Ruwase further stressed that the "Meeting with the Farmer Conference" will further attract more stakeholders to invest in agriculture and develop trade links with the UAE, especially in Dubai.

Key conference partners, CEO of Farmcrowdy; Oneka Akumah praised the MTFC initiative, saying that the conference will go a long way in attracting Agric stakeholders in Africa to tie each step in the value chain of agricultural products under one umbrella where all sectors can discuss the most important issues in agriculture, find innovative solutions for their and, most importantly, they win from each other.

Understanding the initiative, the Country Manager, AFEX Commodities Exchange, Ayodeci Baloghun, said that AFEX is pleased to work with the MTFC project, as it will open up a potential agribusiness market in the value chain in Nigeria and the Middle East.

The conference "Meeting with farmers" is supported by the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investments, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Agriculture of the State of Lagos, the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, the Nigerian Export-Import Bank, FADAMA and AFEX Commodities Exchange Limited; all of which were well represented at a briefing for the press.

Also at the press conference were: "Stanbic IBTC Bank", representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment and stakeholders from the agricultural sector, farmers, export authorities, banks and agricultural machinery suppliers, Agric start-ups among several others technical partners.

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