Linkage Assurance Begins Agric Insurance Underwriting


Linkage Assurance Plc is now ready to start underwriting agricultural insurance after it has been approved by the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM).

A "no objection" rotation will enable Linkage to support farmers and service providers in the value chain in agriculture to ensure greater sustainability and economic growth.

Among the approved products include the "Cropage Assurance", "Assurance Assurance Farm All Assurance", "Farm Insurance for Liaisons" and "Ensuring Livestock Viability" solutions for crop insurance.

Linkage Assurance's leadership in a statement to journalists says that Nigeria's agribusiness sector needs insurance to remain stable and to achieve long-term growth expectations.

Linkage said that stakeholders in the value chain in agriculture should cover insurance, reducing the remaining risk and transferring the burden to insurers for effective risk management.

Thanks to this agreement, Linkage Assurance Plc now has good opportunities to expand its products to consumers, which is in line with the federal government's goal of deepening insurance coverage in Nigeria. Strengthening ties with this development strategically accelerates the business goal of creating a dominant company in the Nigerian insurance industry.

Crop insurance solutions protect against unavoidable crop losses or as a result of directly insured hazards, such as floods, droughts, excessive rain, hail, diseases and pests, with coverings, including Weather lndex Crop Insurance, Area Yield – lndex Crop lnsurance and long-suffering insurance.

Target communication management company All risks associated with risk are intended to cover buildings / contents of farms, agricultural products and mechanisms against thefts and fires. It also provides for a general average for the farm staff and the legal responsibility of farmers.

While Linkage Assurance Farm Motor Insurance protects the insured for the loss or damage of vehicles used in a farm or agricultural business, damage to third party property, including personal injury and death to third parties caused by an accident.

Satisfaction of attachment Livestock decisions are specifically designed to cover farmer stocks with one simple policy that can provide immediate protection against death from an accident, death due to illness or illness, loss of use due to an accident and loss of use due to disease

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