Lagos to introduce re-usable plastics for vegetables in 2019


recycled plastics

The state government of Lagos on Tuesday announced that it intends to introduce reusable plastic crates to replace raffia baskets when transporting vegetables.

Gov Akinwumi Ambode made a revelation at the ceremony of World Food Day with the tag: “Our actions are our future: it is possible that a world with zero hunger is possible by 2030”, which took place at the police college in Lagos.

Ambode said the state is making efforts to ensure food security for more than 20 million people in the state, adding that the effects of climate change threaten an increase in agricultural output.

“Climate change in the form of increased heat and flood intensity is observed in different countries of the world, including Nigeria.

“It has been identified as an important factor and a threat to the achievement of global food security goals,” said the Governor, represented by Mr. Tundji Bello, Secretary of State Government.

““ The biggest challenge for sustaining food shortages is therefore our ability to mitigate the effects of climate change.

“Developing new farming strategies and methods that can counter the effects of climate change, and in addition, post-harvest and waste losses are a key issue that needs to be addressed.

“One of the measures we apply is to encourage the use of reusable plastic boxes instead of raffia baskets for transporting perishable agricultural products; next year it is expected to start across the state, ”he said.

Mr Toyin Suarau, Commissioner for Agriculture, said that agriculture plays a central role in the strategic reduction of hunger and poverty.

Suarau said: “The global population is growing every day, and the challenge of producing enough food to meet demand is high, especially since Lagos is projected to become the third largest metropolis in the world.

“Consequently, agriculture plays a central role in the strategic reduction of hunger and poverty.

“Not only because it produces food, but also because it creates employment and increases incomes for rural residents,” he said.

Ms Abimbola Okoya, executive director of the British-American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation (BATNF), said that since a high percentage of agricultural products are perishable, there are significant risks.

Okoya said small farmers are important for agricultural development, so they need to be aware of the business benefits that exist to increase their incomes.

“There is considerable volatility in their prices and, therefore, significant market risks.

“In addition, small farmers have low marketable surplus, and their farms are mainly located in remote areas with poorly developed infrastructure and transport.

“This leads to the fact that they face high transaction costs and risks in the production and marketing of such goods.

“BATNF is bridging the gap through World Food Day celebrations to provide a platform for providing opportunities for farmers.

“This platform will help the public get access to fresh and environmentally friendly agricultural products and will encourage farmers to switch from low-quality bulk products to high-value agricultural products,” she said.

Okoya said that BATNF’s support for World Food Day is aimed at achieving the United Nations Development Goal to end hunger.

Since 2002, BATNF has supported the federal government in the field of agricultural development and has so far invested $ 1.5 billion. US in support of rural farmers in the amount of about 36,000 people and reached 62,000 by 2022.

World Food Day 2018 and the Food Fair in Lagos were organized by the state of Lagos, the British American Tobacco Foundation and the IBB Stanbic Bank.

A quiz competition was organized for high school students across the state and Habibat Mogadji High School, Edjj ranked first.

Middle High School Evan Adebie, Bariga ranked second, and Surulere Girls High School ranked third.

Aisha Abinara said that in general the best student in the field of agriculture, while the development area of ​​the Olorunda Local Council (LCDA) has consolidated the general state of housing and communal services in the field of the best agriculture.

Best Agro Processor was awarded Daily Delight Nigeria Ltd.

Exhibitions of agricultural products from all sectors of the value chain have taken place.

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