JPDC, Ibarapa North LCDA collaborate on environmental sustainability


in partnership with the development area of ​​the Ibarapa Local Council (LCD), Ibadan, Oyo State, JDPC are concerned about the effects of climate change
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The Commission for Development and Justice World (JPDC) in partnership with the development area of ​​the Ibarapa Local Council (ISPAR), Ibadan, Oyo, expressed concern about the effects of climate change, which led to a gradual reduction in the ozone layer resulting in climate change.

They argued that depletion of the ozone layer would inevitably lead to global warming, the irregular nature of precipitation, desertification and flooding, which would inevitably affect the environment, plants, animals and people.

At the rally on informing and sensitization about the reduction of the ozone layer, the executive chairman of Ibarapa LCDA, Hon. Yunus Oluasegba, endorsed the efforts of farmers to ensure the food security of the nation.

He instructed them to absorb the culture of planting trees instead of each tree that was cut to ensure environmental sustainability.

He thanked the JPDC for their tireless efforts to ensure sustainable development, reaffirming the state’s commitment to what it is doing.

The acting head of the program, the Integrated Development Program, JDPC, Ms. Olorden Bolan, in his address pointed out the realities of climate change and that participants can contribute to reducing it.

At the end of the event, the head of the council, the director of agriculture and the majority leader, Mr. Aderemi Akande, Mr. Taiwo Oduremi and the Hon. Taiwo Owoade, respectively, planted tree saplings around the secretariat of the council. All participants also received one hotbed of trees, each of which was planted.

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