Israel to help Nigeria fight insecurity

…Partners MCIU to end Nigeria’s food importation …To train farmers in irrigation, fish production, ..Says a cow to produce 50 litres of milk per day against 5 litres


The Israelis authorities, Monday, announced that it will partner with the Federal Government to address numerous insecurity challenges currently confronting the country, especially to end the Boko Haram insurgence in the North East zone.

The President, Galilee International Management Institute, Professor Joseph Yossie Shavel, disclosed the Institute was drawing up proposition to provide framework towards engaging the Boko Haram insurgence with dialogue.

Israel to help Nigeria fight insecurity
Israel to help Nigeria fight insecurity

Prof. Shavel, who disclosed this in Abuja, during the signing of strategic partnership between Galilee International Management Institute and Michael and Cecilia Ibru University, Agbarha Otor in Ugheli North of Delta State, said the Institute was ready to help the country solve most of its mountain of challenges.

Prof. Shavel was accompanied by Mr. Or Gabriel, the Senior Programme Director, Centre for Strategic Studies, of the institute, while those from MCIU include, Executive Director, Marketing and Strategy, Mrs. Aniekan Essienette, the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Leslie Dabor and the Executive Director, International Business office Mr. Joseph Bitrus.

The import of the partnership was to enable the Institute to offer post graduate degrees and short certificate courses in Agriculture, Water Management, Health Management, Computer Science, Education and National Security at the students of Michael and Cecilia Ibru University.

Meanwhile, the first convocation ceremony of Michael and Cecilia Ibru University and the 3rd Annual founder’s memorial lecture is slated to hold on September 5, 2019.

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Speaking further, Professor Shavel noted, “This event is special because this is the first Nigeria-Israeli University, it is not just a joint programme but it is a joint university for the first time and the idea is to develop the most advanced academic programmes.

“One of the main objectives is to reduce the number of Nigerians students travelling abroad because there are about 40,000 Nigerian students that are travelling abroad to study mostly in UK universities and US universities and this is a big lose to Nigeria.

“This programme we hope will be a model for other universities outside Nigeria to come and partner with local universities and this is the first step. We are talking about several programmes we want to start right away and one of them is agriculture.

Israel to help Nigeria fight insecurity
Israel to help Nigeria fight insecurity

“Nigeria is primarily agriculture country. Nigeria have one of the best potentials in the world, however Nigeria is importing almost everything and I don’t think this is news

“But what we want to do, in addition to developing this programme is to turn this direction, instead of importing, exporting. You are importing sugarcane, you are importing fish when you have so many rivers there, you are importing rice, wheat.

“So we hope that we are not only developing a joint programme in agriculture but we will also develop practical plains because the potentials are here and really Nigeria can be a superpower in providing food for the rest of West Africa.

“Now two things and one is Israel is one of the most advanced countries in the word when it comes to agriculture, water management, irrigation. The Israeli cow is giving 70 litres of milk daily, the average is 50 litres of milk daily and if the Israeli cow is giving 50litres then the Nigerian cow can also and the fact that today the Nigerian cow gives 5-7litres of milk and it is only a matter of know how, so we are going to show this experience.

“And the same when it comes to water management, in Israel we reuse 90% of our water and we use it for irrigation but in Nigeria less than 1% of the agriculture of Nigeria is irrigated.

“When I saw irrigation is computerized irrigation, everything is computerized, the amount of water is controlled, agriculture in the 21stCentury is computerized it is advanced and this is what we want to teach, this is the uniqueness of the joint programme.

“We hope that people will come from the north to Delta state to this campus or any one there, we open another campus here in Abuja or maybe one in Kano.

“We know that most of the agriculture of Israel moved to the south to our desert and we provide today a lot of agriculture products to Europe, to Russia from the desert.”

Prof. Shavel added that, “Galilee institute, this is the not the first time we are in Nigeria, we have been working with Nigerian organisations for the last 30years and we have about 2,300 alumni and a lot of them are senior people.

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“And one of the countries is a big country India. In May in India, the Prime Minister Modi was re-elected and he decided he wanted in the next 3years to double the agricultural production in all over India, remember there are 800mllion farmers, here is about 10% of that about 80million farmers in Nigeria. Galilee institute is going to double the production of India through training and we want to do the same thing here.

“Only 40% of the arable lands in Nigeria is utilized, Nigeria has so much lands still be utilized especially by the youths, if the young people will understand that today agriculture is hi-tech because they probably still think it is like their parents used to do in agriculture.

“Not to mention post harvest, more than 50% of the products never reach the market and this is also something. We are working with Benue State University, the VC is an alumnus of Galilee and we are working with them on post harvest.

“Another programme we focus is national security and in national security we also have many alumni in Nigeria and one of them is the commander of the DIA Mr Usman.

“So we are going to also develop a national security programme and part of the national security the way we see what is national security, one of the things of national security is peace.

“The question is whether or not there is a chance to make peace with Boko Haram because everybody knows that one of the major problems of Nigeria is Boko Haram, if is a chance to talk to them and create peace.

“I will give an example of Galilee institute, for 20years there was a war between Eritrea and Ethiopia, more than 100,000 casualties and because we have alumni in Eritrea and Ethiopia the minister of defence of Eritrea, we proposed a peace plan and some people said it will not work but it worked and they signed a peace agreement.

Israel to help Nigeria fight insecurity
Israel to help Nigeria fight insecurity

“So now we want to come up together with the university a peace plan for Boko Haram and what is the peace plan, what is the peace plan that Boko Haram will stop all these terrors and fighting and eventually will give in.

“Weapon and everything and in return the government of Nigeria will give a piece of land there in Borno and we Galilee institute together with the university we will train them, as we did with 174 countries in the world and we will train them in order to develop the most advanced agricultural farm and they will be able to export agricultural goods.

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“So this is also part of this Nigeria-Israeli partnership and we still have to elaborate but worse come to worse nothing will happen and so nothing happens but we hope they will accept it, 10years, now we are marking the 10years of Boko Haram.”

Source: Vanguard News

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