The Institute of Agricultural Research and Training, Moor Plantation, Ibadan, has inaugurated regional co-ordinators for soil development to foster food sufficiency in the country.

Inaugurating the committee, the institute’s Executive Director, Prof. James Adediran, said members comprised professors and specialists on soil.

According to him, the committee is expected to raise a team of soil scientists that cut across all disciplines in soil sciences in their respective regions.

He noted that the committee would also co-ordinate research activities for agricultural transformation in the country.

Adediran said: “Based on our national mandate, we are well positioned to do this through the cooperation from each region. We are to raise a team of soil scientists in the region that cuts across all disciplines in Soil Science and to also collaborate with other regions in planning and executing soil research programmes in Nigeria.

“We are also saddled with the responsibility of identifying challenges and environmental impacts on soils with the aim of providing sustainable methods of land use in all the regions.”

Speaking on the need for such development, Adediran said the mandate for national soil research was given to the institute by the Federal Government in 1978 when the Ministry of Agriculture was recognised to conduct and co-ordinate research for the development of soil management technology in all agro-ecologies.