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Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed yesterday raised the alarm that Nigerians are exposed to expired rice destined for animals in their countries of origin.

Muhammad raised the alarm during an interview with reporters in Oro, Kvara.

The minister blamed the development of smuggling, indicating that if the affected rice was subjected to a thorough check, they would have failed the NAFDAC test, because most of them had been on the shelf for more than six years and had expired.

He added: "Currently, imported rice is not suitable for consumption in their countries of origin. They are also subsidized and sent here even on credit, because these people know that they are unsuitable for consumption; they are suitable only for animals.

"Imported rice is mainly smuggled into the country, because they can not pass the NAFDAC test. Nigerian rice for more than one year, but imported from them for six years in their own countries. «

He promised that in the next 18 months Nigeria will become self-sufficient in rice production, given the administration's commitment to agriculture.

He said: "In in the field of agriculture, it was a huge revolution. As an example, take one of our national products, such as Fig. When we entered, there were 5 million rice farmers. Today we have more than 11 million rice farmers. Our imports of rice fell by more than 80 percent. This was not accidental. This was the result of our program "Fixing anchors". Today there are more millionaire farmers than at any other time in the history of our nation. Today, Nigeria is closer to achieving self-sufficiency in rice than at any other time in the history of our country.

"This administration hired 500,000 unemployed graduates under the Social Intervention Program (SIP). No government in the history of our country has ever done this. This administration daily fed 8.5 million school children in 23 states. This has never been done before in Nigeria. This administration every ten months proves that 100,000 families as social security are most vulnerable. This has never been done before in Nigeria. This administration, realizing that SMEs are the largest employers of labor, grew such enterprises at the astronomical rate through its state program and empowerment program. This is unprecedented.

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